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About Registry Data Solutions

Registry Data SolutionsTM is a Veteran Owned company that was one of the first Cancer Registry Support Firms established in North Carolina in 2000. Our company meets the needs of Cancer Registries and exceeds the expectations of our clients in a timely manner, providing cost effective solutions.

Our Mission
Provide guaranteed cancer registry solutions within the policies of your facility and Public Law 102-515.

Company Profile
Registry Data SolutionsTM provides Cancer Registry services to State Central Registries, Hospital Registries, DOD Facilities, Research Facilities and the Veterans Administration. Using only Certified Tumor Registrars in good standing with the NCRA , we have earned a solid reputation in the cancer data collection and reporting industry.  Unlike most of our competitors, we only provide Cancer Registry Support Services.

Contact Information
Telephone - (336) 222-8850
FAX - (336) 222-8670
Email: info@rds-tr.com
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